Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Wall Street Journal published an article in today's paper about a study conducted by researchers at the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Michigan which concluded that yelling at children can be just as damaging as hitting them.   Here's the link:

The study, published on Child Development's website (here's a link to their website: ) followed 976 two-parent families with children in their early teens, and found that children of parents used more harsh verbal discipline were more likely to experience aggression, behavior problems and symptoms of depression.  The study found that increases in behavior problems in families using shouting as a punishment were very similar to families where physical punishment was used.  Dr. Ming-Te Want, who co-authored the study, stated that "adolescence is a very sensitive period when [kids] are trying to develop their self-identities.  When you yell, it hurts their self image.  It makes them feel thy are not capable, that they are worthless and are useless."

This is just another reminder that we need to treat our kids like the people that they are.  If it's not okay to yell at or hit your employees or cashier, it's not okay to do it to your child.  There are many more constructive ways to teach, and we have to constantly remind ourselves that we're setting an example for how our children are going to behave and how they're going to raise their children.

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